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Hearing Aid Parts and Accessories

At Focus Hearing we carry a wide range of hearing aids and accessories that address nearly any hearing need you may have, while catering to your comfort and lifestyle needs. Whether its something as simple as picking up a fresh pack of batteries or purchasing a new set of hearing aids, we can help you.   Our goal is to help you experience life to the fullest and find the best solution for you. Call us today or schedule an appointment to explore the accessories we have available to enrich your life, or just pop in the office and pick up some batteries or wax guards when you need them!

Enjoy Watching TV Again

Watching television when you suffer from hearing challenges can be frustrating. Does your significant other or do your family members complain about the volume of the TV? Have you ever fought over how loud the TV is set? We can solve these problems for you using wireless connectivity embedded in many modern hearing aids. We have a wide offering of hearing aid accessories, all designed to help you hear better.

The modern hearing aids we carry can connect to your television, your cell phone and more.
This mean you can hear better on the phone and while enjoying TV. Focus Hearing supplies a full suite of these devices to meet your needs. We’ll even help you configure them.

What our patients are saying…

After visiting three providers, one provider you recommended, Michael L. Schneller at Focus Hearing (10990 Quivira Rd, Ste 120, Overland Park, KS 66210) is above and beyond all the other providers in every possible way. His practice is a true passion for him and it shows to his very core. I was very impressed with his listening skills, questions, testing, explanations, fitting and training. I have already told family, friends and coworkers about him as well.

 Michael K– Lenexa, KS


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