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Overland Park, KS

I went into Focus Hearing Aids for a hearing exam. I hadn’t had a hearing test in years since leaving the Marines Corps. I was having trouble with conversation, having people repeat themselves and many other issues with hearing. I did not realize how bad my hearing was and how much I really needed the hearing aids until I started wearing them.
Michael is super nice and knowledgeable and made the whole process easy and stress free. The test showed what frequencies and letter sounds you can and cannot hear. I highly recommend a visit to Focus Hearing for anyone who thinks that they may have hearing loss. It has made an immense difference in my everyday life.


My name is Denney, and I purchased hearing aids through Focus Hearing. I am completely satisfied with the care, concern, and abilities of Michael L. Schneller.
My wife had encouraged (persistent insistence) that I have my hearing tested. After being tested, Michael assisted in my choosing the hearing aids that best suited my needs. I cannot adequately express how my quality of life has improved with assisted hearing. After Michael fitted and adjusted my devices, I got in my car, turned down the volume on the radio and could understand what was being said on my favorite NPR station. One of the greatest moments in my life came later that evening when my wife asked me “to turn up the TV.”!
I am grateful for all that Focus Hearing has done to increase my enjoyment of life.

Lenexa, KS

After visiting three recommended providers I finally found Michael L. Schneller at Focus Hearing (10990 Quivira Rd, Ste 120, Overland Park, KS 66210). He is above and beyond all the other providers in every possible way. His practice is a true passion for him and it shows to his very core. I was very impressed with his listening skills, questions, testing, explanations, fitting and training. I have already told family, friends and coworkers about him as well.


If you have hearing problems and want to be assured that your hearing will be fixed right, go to Focus Hearing. In my experience, Michael Schneller and Focus Hearing is hands down the best hearing center in the Kansas City area. I’ve tried other places and the emphasis seems to be more on sales to pressure you into buying one of their $5000 to $6000 hearing aids rather than getting you the best device for your condition. Not at Focus Hearing. There is absolutely no pressure and Michael’s total focus is on giving you the best device for your condition at a very competitive price. He has the best equipment and expertise to do it right for you. His approach is to first talk with you about your hearing problems, then test your hearing, and then fit you with the best device to try out for up to 45 days at no charge with adjustment appointments along the way. Then you decide to purchase or not. No Pressure! You will be amazed with the price. He fit me with Widex hearing aids that link right into my iPhone. I can answer my phone with a button push and converse hands free. I also received a device to listen to the TV with my hearing aids. These things are so cool and my hearing is great. Try Focus Hearing out. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Focus Hearing Customer

Hello, I would like to tell you about my experience of dealing with Michael Schneller, of Focus Hearing. First of all I want to thank Michael For opening up my life for me. It is as I have been driving in a fog and he has cleared the windshield for me. I wore hearing aids as a child. And when puberty set in, it was not fashionable for me, and being bull headed, I went through 45 years, of missed moments account, I
Could not hear as well as I should have. I waited a long time to finally admit, I needed help. What convince me was my granddaughters Soft voices. When Papa could not hear what they were saying, they practically had to shout for me to understand them. Now after being fitted with widex hearing aids, I am back to a “normal” person. With the 3 different settings, I can control how much I hear, and how loud I want
To hear it. I was a big believer in selected hearing, and it got me in trouble with the wife a couple times! Now one thing I really enjoy about. The service and results of my hearing aids, is being in a quiet setting like a golf course, and hearing the birds chirping. Now some people may Take that for granted, but I will not. The music of God’s creatures is a reminder of what a beautiful place this world is, and to enjoy it
So makes me happy. I only wished that I had started sooner.
Thank you Michael and your helpful staff. I will recommend you and your service to any one I know in need of hearing aids.



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