Bienvenido a Focus Hearing.

Pure and Personal care.

Let's discover your best hearing solution together.

Bienvenido a Focus Hearing.

Pure and Personal care.

Let's discover your best hearing solution together.

Continuing customer service in the Kansas City Area since 1971.
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Lo que hacemos

Imagina volver a conectarte con un espectro completo de sonido de nuevo. Podemos ayudar a que esto se convierta en una realidad para usted o su ser querido.

  • Examen audiologico

    Hearing Tests, Real Ear Measurements, Audiometric Evaluations, and Hearing Loss Diagnostics

  • Servicios de venta y ajustes

    Consultas de audífonos para usuarios primerizos o usuarios experimentados, ventas y servicio continuo de adaptación y programación en persona.

  • Reparaciones de Audífonos, Mantenimiento, Garantías

    Reparaciones de audífonos, garantías extendidas, y servicios de limpieza.

Risk-Free Trial

With new hearing aids, we offer you a chance to try on some hearing aids that are fit to your prescription based on your hearing test.

A trial period not only gives you a time to adjust to the new devices, but also the opportunity to see how they’ll work for you on an everyday basis.

At the end of your trial, we’ll go over how you feel about your hearing aids and connect you with a better solution.

Not happy with the hearing aids you chose? If your new hearing aids are not the right fit, we’ll take them back, at no risk and no charge to you.

Request More Information

Have questions? Let us know how to get back to you.

Por qué elegir a Focus Hearing

We give everything that we do a personal touch that is as unique as you are.


Once you walk through our doors, you are our patient and we’ll take care of you like family.


Our friendly and upbeat team is eager to meet you!


Almost everyone has experienced tinnitus at some point in their life, mostly after being exposed to very loud sounds like a rock concert or a fireworks display.

What tinnitus sounds like can take many forms; it can also sound like buzzing or clicking, even roaring, hissing or whirring sounds.

Any experience of hearing noise that has no external source is categorized as tinnitus.  The presence of tinnitus could indicate hearing damage, although not all injury to our hearing produces tinnitus.

You’ve come to the right place if you’d like to explore tinnitus treatment options!