Focus Hearing provides a wide range of hearing health services. With over 35 years of knowledge and experience and a convenient location in Overland Park, we provide exceptional hearing services to the Kansas City metropolitan area.

At Focus Hearing we understand how central your hearing is to your health and quality of life, and we are driven by our passion to help you hear better. We’ve built our business on providing excellent care to thousands of happy visitors. Find out what Focus Hearing can do for you – here’s a list of some of our specialty hearing services:


A constant ringing in your ears is more than a nuisance – it can be a frustrating issue that impacts your mood, focus and mental health. Fortunately, we can help you connect with tinnitus treatment solutions that work to minimize intrusive tinnitus noise. We work with you to find tinnitus answers that fit your lifestyle, and carry a full line of hearing aids that include tinnitus therapy.

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Hearing Aid Repair

We know that hearing aids are an investment. That’s why we offer hearing aid repair services to get your hearing aids back on track. If your hearing aids aren’t working as they should, drop us a line. We can help you troubleshoot common problems or set you up with our repair services when something goes awry. We service all brands, even those we don’t carry, so even if you purchased your hearing aids at a big box store or online, we can help you get the most from your devices.

From making sure they fit great to tuning them to sound perfect, our staff has the know-how and skill to perform all viable repairs and maintenance. Hearing aid repairs are affordable and may be covered by product warranty. Total cost of repairs varies depending on replacement hearing aid parts and labor, but many hearing aid issues can be solved inexpensively.

Hearing Tests

When there’s an issue with your hearing, Focus Hearing can help. We begin the process with comprehensive hearing tests. Our hearing examination helps us understand the causes of your hearing problem and recommend the right solutions. Our friendly staff makes sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.

We take the time to understand your hearing challenges – and make sure you do too. Our personalized care means that we thoroughly explain everything we find in you hearing test.

Using information about your lifestyle needs, we take an in-depth look at your hearing test results and connect you with solutions that put healthy hearing in reach.

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VA Services

We welcome veterans to Focus Hearing and thank you for your service! Thousands of military servicepeople were exposed to hearing risks in the line of duty and as such many veterans are eligible for free or reduced cost hearing services. At Focus Hearing, we’ll work with you to help you access hearing healthcare and solutions.

Custom Hearing Protection

Most permanent hearing loss is heavily related to dangerous noise exposure. Sounds that cross the threshold of 85 decibels slip into the territory of noise hazards. That’s why it is important to protect the hearing you have. Are you concerned about the noise in your life? At Focus Hearing, we can provide you with custom hearing protection that protects your ears from dangerous noise.

If you live, work or play around intense sound levels, it is time to get proactive about your hearing health. Protecting your hearing today preserves it for tomorrow.

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Assistive Listening Devices

assistive listening devices

Hearing aids aren’t the only tool for helping you hear your best. Assistive listening devices can boost your hearing when and where you need it most. One of the best ways to increase your sound and speech comprehension is through sound streamed directly into your ear. There are many tools on the market for helping you get close to sound again, some are stand-alone devices that communicate with your hearing aids, others can be incorporated into the hearing aid itself.

Personal microphones that stream sound to your hearing aids are a great help to your speech comprehension in classrooms and workplaces or anywhere where staying involved in the conversation is important. For televisions and media players, we offer stand-alone devices to stream sound to your hearing aids as well as a number of new hearing aids that can stream from multiple sources, all controlled by your smartphone.

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