Social distancing? Great! We've got you covered.

For your safety and that of our associates, we're ensuring limited contact. Services will also be handled following CDC guidelines.

We will offer limited curbside hearing aid services starting at $15.00 to help cover the cost of new safety procedures.

These will be by appointment only and include minor adjustments.

The curbside fee does not apply to clients purchasing supplies or picking up/dropping off a repair under warranty. 

Here's what to expect for your curbside service at Focus Hearing

  • Call ahead to schedule a time to stop by.

  • Park on the East Side of the building, closest to Quivira Rd.

  • Call the office to let us know that you've arrived and the make and color of your car.

  • Wait while we take a look at your hearing aids.

  • Process payment.

    Note: Replacement parts for hearing aids out of warranty are an additional cost. 

Curbside FAQs

How long will I have to wait? 

Please let us know when you arrive at the store. Scheduling your appointment ensures that we are ready for you when you arrive. Depending on the service you need, wait times can range between 5-15 mins. Minor adjustments may take a little longer. You're more than welcome to leave and come back when they're ready. 

Who can pick up your order?

You can send whomever you'd like to drop off or pick up your hearing aids for service. As long as we have consent and a name on file, we're good to go.