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With the launch of Signia in 2016, the hearing aid company Siemens began a new chapter in their century-long legacy in hearing aid development.


Signia hearing aids give you access to their valuable Telecare program giving you remote access to hearing specialists and programming adjustments, making adapting to new hearing aids easier than ever before.


widex hearing aids

Widex hearing aids have a 60-year history of exceptional quality. Family owned, the Danish company has made a commitment to be carbon-neutral integrating green design into their process. Widex created a new standard with the first hearing aids to incorporate tinnitus therapy. Their patented Zen Tinnitus Therapy continues to be one of the leading options for people managing tinnitus alongside hearing loss.

widex hearing aids

Designed to enhance the human experience by clarifying sound, separating speech from noise, suppressing distractions, and making better connections to the natural and digital worlds. Sonic hearing aids are engineered to be easy to use and maintain.


Phonak hearing aids have helped people hear for over seven decades. A Swiss company, Phonak has produced hearing aids with remarkable sound quality. They produced the world’s first lithium ion rechargeable hearing aids and their rechargeable technology leads the industry.

gn resound hearing aids

ReSound is a global brand based in Denmark. Known for sound quality, ReSound develops its technology hand-in-hand with its sister company Jabra, which specialized in noise canceling headphones and other audio headsets. Breakthroughs in processing sound are shared across companies, making sound quality move forward on multiple fronts.


Oticon has been making hearing aids since 1904. A Danish company, Oticon produced the world’s first completely digital hearing aid, ushering in a new frontier in hearing assistance. Oticon has focused on using digital processing breakthroughs to help replicate the way the brain truly hears sound. Oticon hearing aids are available with a wide range of options to fit any lifestyle.


Unitron calls Canada home and shares the same parent company as Phonak. Unitron hearing aids are developed with ease-of-use in mind. Their goal is to make the hearing aid experience feel intuitive and simple. Unitron has won multiple design awards for their streamlined design and thoughtful interface.

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