Welcome to Focus Hearing.

Exceptional hearing care services in the Kansas City Metropolitan area comprehensive, lifelong hearing healthcare in both English and Spanish.

We specialize in the latest hearing aid technology, tinnitus treatment, and hearing aid repairs.
Welcome to Focus Hearing, leading the metropolitan Kansas City area in hearing healthcare and hearing aid repairs! We’ve built a lasting legacy of exceptional hearing services with four decades of experience and unbeatable customer care. At Focus Hearing, we go the extra distance to make sure you have lifelong healthy hearing.
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What We Do

Imagine reconnecting with a full spectrum of sound again. We can help this become a reality for you or your loved one.

  • Hearing Testing

    Hearing tests, Real Ear Measurements, audiometric evaluations, and hearing loss diagnostics are provided by our audiologists and hearing specialists.

  • Hearing Aid Sales and Fitting Services

    Hearing aid consultations for first time users or experienced wearers, sales and ongoing in-person fitting and programming service.

  • Hearing Aid Repairs, Maintenance, Warranties

    Hearing aid repairs and remakes, extended warranties, cleaning services and hearing aid parts and supplies

The Latest Technology

State-of-the-art hearing aids can change your life.

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Cutting-edge technology

Discreet styles

Microchip processing

Bluetooth compatibility

Rechargeable device options

Accessories to enhance your hearing on your television or smartphone

Remote assistance and hearing aid adjustments

Remote assistance and hearing aid adjustments for your convenience

Walk-in quick fixes welcomed

Services in English and Spanish

Tinnitus Care Provider on-site

Free follow-up appointments

Educational seminars

Caring and upbeat staff that makes you feel like family

Leasing program

On-site visits

Real Ear Measurements

Try Before You Buy

With new hearing aids, we offer you a chance to try on some hearing aids that are fit to your prescription based on your hearing test.

We want to make sure they are right for your needs. A demo period is important because many people need a few weeks to adjust to new hearing devices.

A trial period not only gives you a time to adjust to the new devices, but also the opportunity to see how they’ll work for you on an everyday basis.

Not happy with the hearing aids you chose? If your new hearing aids are not the right fit, we’ll take them back, at no risk and no charge to you.

At the end of your trial, we’ll go over how you feel about your hearing aids and connect you with a better solution.


Why Choose Focus Hearing

We’re a family-owned business that Michael built after working at his father’s hearing practice before him.

We give everything that we do a personal touch is as unique as you are.

Once you walk through our doors, you are our patient and we’ll take care of you like family.

We take great pride in what we do and strive to do our best to help you hear, feel, and look your best with the hearing aids we choose.

Your satisfaction and comfort with your hearing solution is our number one priority.

We believe that more informed you are about your hearing loss and the solutions available to you, the more satisfied you will be with your investment in better hearing and a better quality of life.

We offer tinnitus treatment, walk-in care, remote adjustments with certain hearing aids, and service in both English and Spanish.

Our friendly and upbeat team is eager to meet you!


We help you get the most from your hearing aids by offering complete repair services for your device. Whether you bought your hearing aids from us or elsewhere, we’re the right place to come to for repairs and adjustments. We offer service with a smile - when you bring in your concern, you’ll meet with our owner Michael to go over the problem. Michael got his start working in his father’s audiology office cleaning and repairing hearing aids and brings years of experience to the table. We are passionate about our customer service and take a great deal of pride in the care we provide.


Concerned about your hearing? Hearing loss often occurs gradually, so it may be difficult to notice the signs. Take our free, convenient online evaluation, a great starting point for understanding whether you may have a hearing loss.

The best time to get your hearing tested is when you first notice a change in the way you hear. Untreated hearing loss could leave you vulnerable to other health issues and cognitive concerns. Treating hearing loss as it arises helps minimize any hearing loss and makes it much quicker and easier to adapt to treatments like hearing aids.


If you experience a ringing in your ears, you are not alone. Almost everyone has experienced tinnitus at some point in their life, mostly after being exposed to very loud sounds like a rock concert or a fireworks display. What tinnitus sounds like can take many forms. Although it is mostly characterized as a tonal noise, it can also sound like buzzing or clicking, even roaring, hissing or whirring sounds. Any experience of hearing noise that has no external source is categorized as tinnitus. The presence of tinnitus could indicate hearing damage, although not all injury to our hearing produces tinnitus.


We’re on Your Side

At Focus Hearing, we are here for you. It’s our job to help you understand any challenges to your hearing, and our team is here to help you connect with solutions that will make a difference. You use your hearing all day, every day. They help you connect with friends and loved ones, keep up with your favorite shows and entertainment, stay on top of work and studies and so much more.
Your hearing is so important – at Focus Hearing we understand how big an impact hearing loss can make. We have also witnessed firsthand the amazing change hearing treatment can make in a person’s life. When you need hearing care turn to the hearing specialists you can count on, Focus Hearing.

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